Lucky Elephant (Made in Korea) : Decoration that brings good luck

In a harsh real world, Bring a good luck around me.

The elephant comes from the word “Gogill”. This word is a meaning, it started with the meaning of being elegant in English. A long time ago people talked “If you saw an elephant, you become rich”. So Elephants are lucky symbol animals in Asia.

We made an elephant of luck in collaboration with “Ashika factory“. He operates ‘3d printer’ workshop. This was modeled with the desire to win difficulties while operating the workshop. Initially made with ‘gypsum’. After that, we met with ‘ashika factory’. We made adding weight to the work, the “New-tro” sensibility design has become better.

Bring only good Luck!

Office desk decorating

Make a good sign with a pen filled with Lucky. !!!!!

Interior decoration

Use it as a small flowerpot.

Give your home good luck energy.

Detail composition


Lucky elephant is handmade. So that’s takes a little longer to make. So much effort is made on this work. I want you to be interested in this product. Above all, I want to tell the world about the author of this work. If you are interested in the work of ‘ashika fatory’, give us feedback. If you have a lot of interest, I will sale this product on Amazon. And if you want to support “Ashika factory”, look more at Instagram.

Link : Ashika factory / Instagram : @achika0123

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