Korea instant coffee is the best!

Korea instant coffee is important in my life.


I like coffe made form beans . But when I’m in the office, I drink a Instant coffee. There are a lot of Instant coffee in Korea. I introduce some of my favorite instant coffee.

Maxim Mocha Gold

Image credit : Dongsuh Food Corporation

It is coffee that many Koreans like. This is the standard for all coffee. The point is sweet taste. When work’s hard, I eat sweet things. That’s when I drink coffee. I believe that Maxim Mocha gold will be enjoyed by everyone.

Maxim White Gold

Image credit : Dongsuh Food Corporation

Maxim White Gold is soft and more sweet. And added milk powder. I don’t recommend it to people who dont like sweet taste.

YouTube credit : Korean Englishman

In addition to that, coffee that is popular among the public will be linked to Amazon.

Korean coffee is strong in sweetness. So I do not recommend to those who do not want sweetness. But when you are tired and need to concentrate on your work, It is a great strength. Once you try, you will find out why you introduced Korean coffee.

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