Best Korean Snacks (You can try)

I will introduce that i like the favorite Korean Snacks. I think you’ll like it too. So then try it yourself. You will thank me for giving me a new taste. :)

Banana Kick


It’s a sweet banana flavor. bananakick’s so soft that it melts in your mouth. It’s one of the strongly recommended sweets.

Choco Pie


You can already know the ‘chocopie’. This snacks was born in 1974.This’s korean snacks that I used to eat when I was children. It is the most exported snacks in Korea. Don’t eat those who don’t like sweet snacks because it’s very sweet. I recommend ‘chocopie’ made in ‘Orion’. Beacuse It is the first company to make ‘chocopie’.

Homerun Ball

image credit : hanyangmart

JMT (Jon Mat tang : This word mean’s ‘really delicious’ or ‘awesome’) korean snacks. I am love the most that. I believe you will love korean snack. This snacks is recommended to drink with milk.


YouTube Link : Korean Englishman

YouTube is a product testing video. There are more delicious snacks in Korea, but haven’t in Amazon. I can’t get outside with image. Sorry. I want to give you information that you can also experience. you look at the video and you’ll have more fun.


If you visit Korea, try it.

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