Korean hangover solution


What is the Korean hangover solution?

Korean life is with alcohol. (Depends on your personal life schedule.) I hate alcohol. But if you don’t drink, you will be. Drinks can’t be avoided in Korean society. Share Korean hangover solutions for the next day. A hangover solution is a must for the next day.

Solution1. Dawn808


The next day is a drink to eat if you are really tired. There are patents in Korea. This is natural tea. I eat. The components of the Tea are alder concentrate, ginger, honey and jujube. It is a traditional Korean herb. The taste is a unique tea. One thing is certain. I don’t have a taste, but I drink this because I have a hangover the next day.

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Solution2. Condition

[CJ] Condition Oriental Raisin 100ml × 2 set / Best Hangover Recovery Drink / DAWN 808 (overseas direct shipment)

This is tea+redbull taste. I believe you can eat. 🙂 Raw material uses 100% of Hovenia dulcis berries. 1.3% of concentrate is added to a bottle. (In one study, the fruit, leaf, and stem extracts of Hovenia dulcis tree were analyzed for alcohol degradation. The fruit extract showed 38%, leaf extract 10%, and stem extract 3%) The drinks are also exported to the United States.

Amazon Link : https://amzn.to/31n2A7d

Solution3. Moningcare


Unfortunately, this product is only sold in Korea. Also, I believe you can eat. The main raw material is milkthistle. It is said to have a good effect on the liver. Please try it when you visit Korea.

Solution4. IDH (Korea Pear Juice)

[BOX sale "Haitai" grated pear juice "can" 238mlX12 this Korean food, Korean food, Korean grated drink, Korean pear, grated pear-pear

Korean pears are recommended to eliminate hangovers. Korean pears were used in traditional medicine. Drink pears juice that makes your head ill with a hangover. And most delicious. In Korea, it is called “gal-ah-muk-nen-bae”. In other countries, it is called IDH.

Amazon Link : https://amzn.to/2GRM5bD

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