I love Korean chicken

I have never thought of a world without korean chicken. I introduce my favorite chicken in Korea. This korean chicken can be ordered at home and can be visited at the store. The name of this is ‘Honey combo of Kyochon chicken ‘.

image credit : Honey combo of kyochon

Best Korean chicken : Honey combo (sweet soy sauce)

Honey combo is the best taste for me. tast is sweet, weave. And Chicken’s soft. This chicken was cooked on a soy sauce base. It is a sweet soy sauce that is different from the soy sauce tasted. I sure about tast. Many people will love the taste of honey combo. Of course, other brands of Korean chicken are also delicious. But Honey Combos is Korea’s number one chicken for me. I will like to recommend this taste experience to those who visit Korea.

You must have chicken with beer. (Chimek)

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In Korea, chicken should be eating with beer. This’s the fantastic combination. This is called ‘Chimek‘. It is difficult to express this taste in writing. It is a feeling that beer neutralizes the feeling of oily chicken. This’s truth.

Wikioedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimaek

You can order from anywhere.

If you visit Korea, you can order at the hotel. Korea is a country where delivery culture has developed. You can also place orders with the app. But there will be a payment problem. The best way is to ask the Korean people around you for help. (Hotel staff, travel guide) I am sure they will kindly help you.

Chicken can not taste, but useful product introduction.

It’s a popular product in Korea when eating chicken.Under the Amazon image will understand soon. Prepare for hygiene when you eat food by hand.

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