My opinion of Korean fashion

Korean fashion has changed really fast. Gangnam fashion and Gangbuk fashion are standards of fashion. I think Korea had progress because of them. Gangnam fashion’s hiphop style. Gangbuk fashion’s retro style. It was influenced by the boy group ‘Seo Taiji and Boys‘. After 2000 ~ 2010, A fashion was full of personality.

Retro Korean Fashion 7080s

Image Credit : Hankook Media Network (70-80s retro street fashion show)

The point of fashion in 7080 was the popularity of the inverted triangular silhouette which emphasized the shoulder, and the total look that fitted the accessories.

Generation X Fashion 1990s

1990′ Seoul ‘Apgujeong’ Street fashion
Gangnam’s Hiphop vs Gangbuk’s ‘Retro’

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Oversea brands have started to enter korea market due to government policy changes. And domestic designers have entered the overseas market in earnest. Hip hop fashion in Gangnam, retro fashion in Gangbuk, punk look in Hongdae musicians, minimalistic look in urban man, avant-garde and grunge look, and the appearance of future cyber punk looks ahead of the birth of a new century.

K-Fashion 2000s

Since the difficult economic times in Korea, The domestic fashion industry has been competing with overseas designer brands and SPA brands. Star designers are born through fashion cable channels and season collections are spread around the world on real-time SNS. The boundaries of the times have disappeared. Korean fashion has grown rapidly.

2000s image fasion
2006′ K-Drama : rainbow romance

I think korean fashion in the 1990s is returning. Fashions go and come back again except for few styles.

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